A song that stirs the soul

This past summer while Mr. LaVeaux and I were on our annual trip to see familial units, we stopped for some record shopping along the way.  We picked up a copy of Rich Robinson’s solo album “The Ceaseless Sight.”

My goddess.

Every once in awhile you come across a song that sends you straight into the heavens.  This is one such song.  If you love good music, check this out.  If you love the Black Crowes, this will not disappoint.

Great job, Mr. Robinson.  Just an absolutely superb album!


Yes, I’m still listening to that song…

Doggone it I can’t get this out of my head, so I think I’ll post it here.  Obsessed much?  Yeah, I think so.

Oh Robert Plant, you had to go and make me smile!

The sheer beauty of THIS!  Oh how I needed a touch of whimsy today.

If you feel blue and need a boost, let Mr. Plant work his magic all over you with this song & video.

Listen, watch, and come alive.  ❤